Jack and Jeff Records Storage bannerdocument management storage boxes at Jack & Jeff Transfer storage facilityCOMPLETE RECORDS STORAGE SOLUTIONS

What if you could reduce document storage costs by up to 50%?Your business records hold tremendous operational, financial, and legal value. But management of these records—keeping them safe accessible when you need them and securely disposing of them when you don’t—is consuming an ever-growing percentage of your budget.

With Jack & Jeff Records Storage and Document Management solutions, you’ll get comprehensive, cost-effective services and strategies that help you tame your ever-growing volume of business information:

  • Free up valuable space and resources by storing your records in our highly secure offsite facilities.
  • Maintain a fully chain of custody for your records – from pickup to delivery – via our secure transportation.
  • Implement proactive, legally sound classification, retention, and destruction policies that protect your organization from Discovery oversights and prepares you for litigation events.

When you outsource your records storage and document management to Jack & Jeff, you’ll benefit from the experience we’ve gained working with thousands of organizations in every industry and of all sizes. As a result, you’ll gain greater control over your document management processes, reduce risk, and control your storage costs.



Here’s a sample list of industries we manage:

  • Medical Records
  • Dental Records
  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Mortgage & Banking Firms
  • Title & Escrow Records

Every business or program must address well-defined objectives which will add value, either directly to the bottom line or toward the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives.